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Join us on a unique journey with Candle Face Chronicles: The Lost Souls [Book One], where you don't just read authentic ghost stories-you actively participate in a paranormal investigation. Join Arthur Mills, a seasoned intelligence analyst and private investigator, in the heart of a real-life investigation.

Together, we'll decipher the evil secrets of the supernatural, making this more than just a book-it's an interactive experience.

Authored by Arthur Mills, this anthology presents true testimonies from spirits who fell victim to the vengeful entity known as Candle Face. These haunting accounts reveal the dire consequences of doubting Candle Face’s existence, as victims suffer her wrath directly or through her followers.

Surviving an encounter with Candle Face, Arthur needs your assistance. Your role isn’t just important, it's vital. You’re the key to two crucial areas of this extraordinary endeavor:


1. Identifying the Lost Souls’ Remains: All the victims met a tragic end, leaving their earthly remains undiscovered. Utilize your keen eye and analytical skills to piece together clues from their testimonies, leading to the location of their resting places.

2. Identifying the Lost Souls’ Killers: Some spirits recount how Candle Face manipulated her followers into committing heinous acts. Your careful analysis of their testimonies could unveil vital hints or descriptions that may lead to identifying these perpetrators. But the challenges don’t end there. Deciphering the cryptic messages from the spirits in Arthur’s dreams is a task laden with complexities, requiring your astute attention to detail and sharp investigative instincts.

To further immerse yourself in the investigation, visit the companion website, where exclusive content, interactive puzzles, and a community of fellow investigators await. Collaborate, share insights, and work together to bring closure to the restless spirits and unmask the evil truth behind Candle Face.

Candle Face Chronicles: The Lost Souls [Book One] isn’t just a book – it’s an interactive journey into the heart of the paranormal, where readers play a vital role in uncovering the mysteries that lie in wait. Join Arthur Mills and become part of a team dedicated to bringing justice to those haunted by Candle Face’s presence.

Step into the paranormal and become a beacon of light to the lost souls. Your contributions aren’t just valuable, they could be the deciding factor between closure and eternal torment for the lost souls trapped in Candle Face’s grasp.

Kindle and paperback

Candle Face Chronicles: The Lost Souls [Book One]

Chat with Candle Face

The Lost Souls: Book One

Candle Face Chronicles: The Lost Souls [Book One]
Candle Face

Chat with Candle Face

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