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Antique typewriter, a portal to the chilling narratives within Candle Face Chronicles: The Journal. Immerse yourself in user accounts, victim stories, and paranormal clues. Join the investigation, unravel mysteries, and contribute to the collective knowledge in this gripping journey into the supernatural.
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Candle Face's Codex: The Lost Souls' Secret Messages

Candle Face’s Codex: The Lost Souls’ Secret Messages

June 1, 2024

Candle Face Chronicles: The Lost Souls [Book One] isn’t just a collection of ghost stories; it’s an anthology woven from the real testimonies of murder and suicide victims seeking justice and peace. These spirits, victims of the vengeful ghost Candle Face, communicate their haunting stories through me, urging me to find their remains and identify their killers. I applied Ramsey Theory to the spirits' testimonies to uncover deeper meanings and messages embedded in the text.

Ramsey Theory, named after the British mathematician Frank P. Ramsey, is a branch of mathematics that studies conditions under which order must appear. It’s particularly concerned with finding types of order and structure in large and seemingly disordered or random systems. Traditionally used in mathematics and computer science, Ramsey Theory can reveal hidden patterns and structures within texts. A notable example of its literary application is in the book Moby Dick by Herman Melville, published in 1851. By applying Ramsey Theory to Moby Dick, researchers were able to discover hidden words and phrases, unveiling deeper layers of meaning within the text.

Here are two notable examples of hidden messages found in Moby Dick:

  1. "VENGEANCE" The word "VENGEANCE" can be found hidden within the text, reflecting Captain Ahab's relentless pursuit of the whale, Moby Dick. Ahab's quest for vengeance drives the story and highlights the destructive power of obsession. This hidden message emphasizes the novel's exploration of revenge and its consequences, both for Ahab and his crew.

  2. "MADNESS" The word "MADNESS" is another hidden message uncovered in Moby Dick. It symbolizes the psychological unraveling of Captain Ahab and the crew on their journey. The theme of madness is central to the novel, illustrating the fine line between sanity and insanity as Ahab's obsession with Moby Dick consumes him and affects those around him.

These hidden messages, revealed through the application of Ramsey Theory by researchers, provide deeper insights into the central themes and character motivations in Moby Dick. They highlight the novel's complex exploration of obsession, revenge, and the human condition.

Similarly, applying Ramsey Theory to Candle Face Chronicles: The Lost Souls [Book One] involved removing spaces, punctuation, and formatting from the text and searching for words in various directions (up, down, backward, and diagonal). This analysis revealed numerous significant words and phrases that suggest deeper meanings and connections within the spirits' testimonies. This journal entry explores these hidden words and phrases, analyzing their significance and uncovering the concealed messages they might hold.

Ramsey Theory Analysis

Ramsey Theory, typically applied in mathematics and computer science, can also be a powerful tool for uncovering patterns in text. By removing spaces, punctuation, and formatting from Candle Face Chronicles: The Lost Souls [Book One] and searching for words in various directions (up, down, backward, and diagonal), I discovered numerous significant words and phrases. Certain words and phrases stood out among these because they were found in all directions, suggesting their critical importance in the lost souls’ testimonies. These words include "MAMA," "FIRE," "LOVE," "SAFE," "BURN," "SCARE," "NIGHT," "TIGHT," "GIRL," and "SAD." Each of these words carries a weight of meaning and a potential connection to the unknown – something I must uncover.

Analysis of Key Words and Phrases Found in All Directions

  1. "MAMA" Found 9 times in all directions, "MAMA" might signify the frequent presence of maternal figures in the testimonies. Several spirits mention their mothers, highlighting a deep connection and longing for the safety and comfort associated with maternal love. For instance, in "Candle Face Victim # 2: Mama’s Last Embrace - Taken Too Soon," a young girl's story emphasizes her mother's protection and the heartbreaking separation caused by Candle Face. This hidden word is more likely referring to the young girl from the testimony of Tanisha Lorraine Watkins. The recurring appearance of "MAMA" may hint at a hidden message about the importance of maternal bonds and perhaps a way to reach or appease Candle Face, who might have had a significant maternal figure in her past.

  2. "FIRE" Discovered 22 times in all directions, "FIRE" is a recurring theme in the testimonies, likely symbolizing destruction and the origin of Candle Face's vengeful spirit. The tragic fire on Ben Howell Drive in Austin, Texas, which claimed the life of a young boy and maybe even Candle Face herself, is a pivotal event in my memoir The Empty Lot Next Door. The frequent appearance of "FIRE" underscores its significance in the spirits' stories and their lingering trauma. This suggests that understanding the fire's true cause or events might be key to unraveling Candle Face's mysteries or possibly defeating her.

  3. "LOVE" The word "LOVE," found 12 times in all directions, seems to contrast with the horror and despair prevalent in the spirits' testimonies. It might represent the undying affection and bonds that the spirits once cherished. For example, the love between the young girl and her mother in "Mama’s Last Embrace - Taken Too Soon" provides an emotional counterpoint to the evilness of Candle Face. The pervasive presence of "LOVE" may indicate that love, or the lack thereof, is central to Candle Face's torment and might offer a clue to resolving her rage or providing peace to her victims.

  4. "SAFE" "SAFE," appearing 21 times in all directions, might reflect the spirits' longing for security and peace. Many testimonies reveal the spirits' desire to feel safe again, free from Candle Face's torment. This word encapsulates their ultimate wish—to rest in peace, untroubled by the past. It might also suggest that creating a sense of safety or sanctuary could be a strategy to protect against Candle Face's wrath or to help the spirits find peace.

  5. "BURN" "BURN," found 28 times in all directions, is essentially linked to Candle Face's story and her method of torment. The act of burning might symbolize the physical and emotional scars inflicted by Candle Face, as seen in various victim testimonies. This recurring word could point to Candle Face's central trauma and might offer insights into how to heal or confront her fury.

  6. "SCARE" "SCARE," appearing 8 times in all directions, likely highlights the pervasive fear that Candle Face instills in her victims. The spirits' stories are filled with terror, illustrating Candle Face's power to frighten and control. This suggests that overcoming fear or addressing the sources of fear might be crucial in dealing with Candle Face.

  7. "NIGHT" Found 8 times in all directions, "NIGHT" might represent the time when Candle Face is most active and when the spirits communicate their stories to me. The darkness of night serves as a metaphor for the hidden and often terrifying truths revealed in the lost souls’ testimonies. This indicates that understanding the events that occur at night or using the night to one's advantage could be important in the investigation.

  8. "TIGHT" "TIGHT" appears 10 times in all directions and may refer to the tight grip of fears and Candle Face on the lost souls. It also might symbolize the close bonds between the spirits and their loved ones, which Candle Face's evilness seeks to destroy for eternity. This word might suggest that maintaining strong bonds and not letting fear control one's actions are key to resisting Candle Face's influence.

  9. "GIRL" The word "GIRL," found 12 times in all directions, often refers to Candle Face herself and her victims, many of whom are young girls. The repeated appearance of this word likely emphasizes the tragedy of lost innocence and the targeting of vulnerable individuals. Understanding the significance of these girls, both Candle Face and her victims, might provide critical insights into her motives and how to confront her.

  10. "SAD" Discovered 33 times in all directions, "SAD" captures the overwhelming sorrow that permeates the spirits' stories. Their grief and longing for resolution are central themes in their testimonies. Addressing this sadness, perhaps by helping the spirits find closure, could break Candle Face's hold over them.

Hidden Phrases in Spirit's Testimonies

Finding individual words up, down, backward, and diagonal within a text is impressive, but uncovering entire phrases hidden in these directions is truly extraordinary. These phrases offer even deeper insights into the testimonies and emotions of the lost souls in Candle Face Chronicles: The Lost Souls [Book One]. The following phrases were discovered using Ramsey Theory, revealing significant messages embedded in the testimonies:

  1. "ISAWMMAMA" (direction = down) This phrase appears to be a compressed version of "I SAW [MY] MAMA." It might indicate a spirit's memory of seeing their mother, which could be a significant moment of comfort or trauma. The context of the little girl’s testimony in "Mama’s Last Embrace - Taken Too Soon" highlights her mother's importance in her life and the devastating impact of their separation. In a very uncomfortable alternate meaning, it could mean that her mother is also in Candle Face’s underworld, and the little girl saw her there.

  2. "HOMEMOBILEROUS" (direction = down) This phrase likely translates to "HOME MOBILE OUS." It suggests a mobile home, again aligning with the little girl's testimony in "Mama’s Last Embrace - Taken Too Soon" and her account of living in a mobile home with her mother and grandmother. The presence of this phrase emphasizes the setting of her story and the sense of instability and displacement associated with it.

  3. "THEREMYGRANNY" (direction = up) Translating to "THERE MY GRANNY," this phrase likely underscores the presence and significance of the grandmother in the spirit's life. For the little girl in "Mama’s Last Embrace - Taken Too Soon," her grandmother, or "Granny," was a source of love and security, further emphasizing the familial bonds disrupted by Candle Face. Another uncomfortable alternate meaning could mean that her grandmother is also in Candle Face’s underworld, and the little girl saw her there.

  4. "THEREMYGRANNYMA" (direction = down) Similar to "THEREMYGRANNY," this phrase could be "THERE MY GRANNY [AND MY] MA[MA]," further emphasizing the presence of both grandmother and mother figures. It highlights the combined significance of these maternal figures in the spirit's life. It could also mean the little girl has seen both her mother and grandmother in Candle Face’s hell.

  5. "EYESLOVEONEMORE" (direction = diagonal upper right to bottom left) This phrase, "EYES LOVE ONE MORE," might suggest a longing for love and connection. It might indicate the spirit's desire for one last moment of love and recognition, reflecting the deep emotional needs of the spirits.

  6. "SCAREREALTOUGHT" (direction = diagonal upper left to bottom right written backward) Likely translating to "SCARE REAL TOUGHT," this phrase might highlight the genuine fear experienced by the spirits. It reinforces the theme of terror that Candle Face instills in her victims, illustrating the real and pervasive nature of this fear.

  7. "DONTPLEASEDONT" (direction = down) This phrase, "DON'T PLEASE DON'T," likely captures a moment of desperate pleading. It reflects the spirits' cries for mercy and their attempts to avoid further suffering at the hands of Candle Face or her followers.

  8. "TRELEE" (direction = up) This appears to be an incomplete phrase or a name. A Google search shows “TRELEE” is a first name. Without additional context, its exact meaning is ambiguous, but it could be significant in relation to a specific spirit's testimony or a place relevant to their story.

  9. "TEXAS" (direction = down) The appearance of "TEXAS" underscores the geographical setting of all of the spirit’s testimonies. So far, all of the stories are rooted in Texas, particularly in Austin, and this phrase reaffirms the importance of the location in the overall context of the spirit’s testimonies.

Analysis of Hidden Phrases

The hidden phrases discovered in Candle Face Chronicles: The Lost Souls [Book One] provide remarkable insights into the spirits' experiences and emotions. These phrases, often conveying complete thoughts or significant fragments of memories, offer a more profound understanding of the testimonies.

  • Familial Connections: Phrases like "ISAWMMAMA," "THEREMYGRANNY," and "THEREMYGRANNYMA" likely highlights the strong maternal bonds and the impact of these relationships on the spirit associated with "Mama’s Last Embrace - Taken Too Soon." The recurring theme of mothers and grandmothers emphasizes the emotional anchor this lost soul has for the females in her life.

  • Settings and Contexts: "HOMEMOBILEROUS" and "TEXAS" provide specific details about the settings of the spirits' lives and their stories. The mention of a mobile home aligns with the testimony in "Mama’s Last Embrace - Taken Too Soon," who could be Tanisha Lorraine Watkins' testimony, grounding her story in a particular place and lifestyle. "TEXAS" situates the broader story within a specific geographical context, emphasizing the regional influence on the events.

  • Emotional States: Phrases like "EYESLOVEONEMORE," "SCAREREALTOUGHT," and "DONTPLEASEDONT" likely looks into the emotional states of the lost souls. These phrases capture moments of longing, fear, and desperation, providing a window into the psychological and emotional experiences of the spirits. They highlight the profound impact of Candle Face's actions on the spirits' well-being.

  • Desperation and Fear: The repeated themes of fear and desperation, especially in phrases like "SCAREREALTOUGHT" and "DONTPLEASEDONT," underscore the terror and helplessness experienced by the lost souls. These phrases likely reflects the intense psychological torment inflicted by Candle Face, reinforcing the need to address and resolve these emotions to bring peace to the lost souls.

The discovery of these phrases suggests a deeper, more complex layer of meaning within the testimonies. They provide clues about the spirits' identities, relationships, and emotional states, offering potential pathways to understanding Candle Face's influence and possibly finding ways to defeat her. By addressing the emotional and psychological wounds highlighted by these phrases, it might be possible to weaken Candle Face's hold on the spirits and bring them the peace they desperately seek.

Interpretation of the Hidden Messages

The words found in all directions in Candle Face Chronicles: The Lost Souls [Book One] appear to form a hidden message about both Candle Face's identity and how to potentially defeat her. The recurring themes of maternal love ("MAMA"), the traumatic fire ("FIRE"), and the need for safety and love ("SAFE," "LOVE") suggest that understanding Candle Face's past, particularly her relationship with her mother and the events of the fire, is crucial. The emphasis on fear ("SCARE"), sadness ("SAD"), and the night ("NIGHT") indicates that confronting these elements head-on and transforming them into sources of strength could be key strategies in dealing with Candle Face.

Furthermore, the frequent appearance of "GIRL" points to the importance of recognizing the innocence lost and the specific targeting of young girls, which might hold clues to her motivations. The hidden messages seem to suggest that healing the emotional wounds and addressing the unresolved grief and fear among the spirits could be key in liberating them from Candle Face's grip.

The application of Ramsey Theory to Candle Face Chronicles: The Lost Souls [Book One] has unveiled hidden words and phrases that enrich the mystery and offer deeper insights into the spirits' testimonies. Each word and phrase discovered holds significant meaning, reflecting the lost souls' emotions, experiences, and desires.

The spirits' stories, filled with love, sorrow, and a longing for peace, challenge me and my readers to confront our beliefs about the paranormal. Join me in their quest to uncover the truth and solace for lost souls.

However, more in-depth research needs to be conducted on these hidden words, phrases, and their meanings. If any of my readers have any ideas or insights into the meaning of these hidden messages, please contact me. The hidden words suggest a path to understanding Candle Face's past and finding ways to defeat her, emphasizing the power of love, safety, and confronting fear and sadness.

Let’s do this together. Let’s bring Candle Face’s reign to an end.

Here is a list of additional words that were found written backward in all directions, listed in order of appearance

























Key to Understanding

To ensure readers grasp the full context and significance of this article, it’s crucial to be familiar with Arthur Mills’ award-winning memoir The Empty Lot Next Door, inspired by actual ghostly events in Austin, TX. The book provides essential background information, and without it, the nuances and depth of this article might not be fully appreciated. Therefore, reading The Empty Lot Next Door is highly recommended for a more enriched and coherent understanding of this article’s content and implications.

To purchase The Empty Lot Next Door, please visit Amazon




Antique typewriter, a portal to the chilling narratives within Candle Face Chronicles: The Journal. Immerse yourself in user accounts, victim stories, and paranormal clues. Join the investigation, unravel mysteries, and contribute to the collective knowledge in this gripping journey into the supernatural.

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