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The Haunted Handbook

Our comprehensive FREE form is designed to assist paranormal investigators in maintaining organized and detailed records of their investigations, enhancing their professionalism and effectiveness. Developed with insights from over 30 years of experience in intelligence analysis and investigations in missing persons and human trafficking, this form ensures thorough documentation and systematic data collection.

Key Sections:

  • Client Information: Ensures clear communication and trust by recording team details and client expectations.

  • Client Intake: Gathers essential information about the client's experiences and the location's history to tailor the investigative approach.

  • Investigation Site History: Provides critical background information about the site, helping the team formulate hypotheses and ensure safety.

  • Emergency Contacts: Ensures the safety and well-being of team members by maintaining a record of emergency contact information.

  • Inventory: Keeps an organized record of equipment, ensuring accountability and smooth operation during investigations.

  • Investigation Report: Documents environmental conditions and evidence collected, serving as a valuable resource for analysis and future investigations.

  • After Action Review (AAR): Encourages reflection on actions and decisions to identify areas for improvement and enhance future performance.


Using this form, paranormal investigators can improve their organization, stand out as professionals, and conduct more effective and efficient investigations.

You could fill out the FREE form below or follow this link: (This is preferred for mobile devices.)

Once you complete the form, it will be emailed directly to you within minutes. After receiving the email, save it in a safe place or print it. Share it with your team and study it thoroughly to enhance your skills and become a better paranormal investigator.

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The Haunted Handbook

The Haunted Handbook
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